Friday, September 19, 2014

Conversation, October 8, 7 pm - Crumbling Schools: Too Awful to Ignore

The Providence League of Women Voters 
invites you to talk with:
Joseph Da Silva, School Construction Coordinator,
RI Department of Education
Topic: Crumbling Schools: Too Awful to Ignore

Tuesday, October 8, 2014,

603 Angell St
For more information, contact
Too many schools throughout the state are decrepit. A three year-moratorium on state reimbursement for construction, debt-laden cities, a formula for state funding skewed to wealthier communities, decades of deferred maintenance: the roadblocks to fixing the crisis are numerous.
The LWV this year will be looking to advocate for solutions.
Please join us in the first Providence Conversation, geared around the physical state of schools.

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