Thursday, October 16, 2014

SWMP September 2014 Preliminary Draft

State Planning Council has a preliminary draft of an update to the State's Solid Waste Management Plan out for review - a plan with direct impact on daily life. 
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Why read the SWMP?

At current disposal rates, the Central Landfill in Johnston has 24 years of remaining capacity and will close in 2038. Building another landfill in Rhode Island is unlikely and further expansion at the Johnston location is problematic.

The RIRRC’s financial condition, over time, has deteriorated due to several major factors:
  1. The municipal tip (disposal) fee that has been frozen by the Legislature for 24 consecutive years at $32/ton. The tip fee no longer covers the operational costs of landfilling currently at $43/ton.
  2. National economic declines in 2008 resulted in a reduction in commercial waste volume and the associated fees by 40%.
  3. Regulatory compliance activities required RIRRC to incur a debt of $40 million for infrastructure improvements
Addressing current RIRRC funding shortfalls is a prerequisite to implementing programs to extend landfill life beyond 2038.

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