Wednesday, December 31, 2014

From the EdVoicesRI Newsletter

From the EdVoicesRI Newsletter
Updates on the Strategic Plan Process

The Council on Elementary and Secondary Education selected 26 Rhode Islanders to serve on the Ambassador Design Team, which will develop and write the next strategic plan for elementary and secondary education in Rhode Island.  There was an amazing response from over 300 Rhode Islanders who submitted applications to participate in this exciting process.

The final Team comprises two groups: a Core Team of 12 members, which will do the research and writing toward development of the strategic plan, and an Extended Team of 14 members, which will engage in school visits, outside research and readings, and other activities to support the thinking and the work of the core team. 

A full press release and list of members can be found here:

The Team’s support staff will regularly post resources, materials, and the draft prototypes on the RIDE web site at

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