Sunday, June 10, 2018

Disaffiliation Deadline for Primary - 6/14/2018

Thinking you might want to change parties for the September 12 primaries? To vote in a party primary you must disaffiliate from any other party at least 90 days before the primary date.

Deadline: Thursday, Jun 14, 2018
Deadline for voters to disaffiliate (if necessary) with their local board of canvassers in order to vote in a different party’s primary. If you wish to disaffiliate you must do so at least 90 days prior to the primary. Unaffiliated voters may vote in any party’s primary. [RIGL §17-9.1-24(a)]

You may either go to your local Board of Canvassers or update your voting record at  the Secretary of State's Voter Information Center

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